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November Update.

And just like that summer is over, there is a touch of frost in the air and the leaves are turning colour.  As merchants get ready for Black Friday & Cyber Monday, November is a great time for the rest of us to start planning for 2016.

Recent Launches

Hagensborg Waterworks District

Hagensborg Water Works District

The Waterworks District has a mandate to provide education, transparency and accountability to those relying on their services. By using SiteCM CMS the web site administrator keeps residents up to date with the latest financial statements, minutes and reports. To add a bit of visual interest for site visitors a short video of the source creek for the HWW district was captured on a smart phone and added to the banner on the home page 

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Thompson Community Services

TCS (Thompson Community Services)

It was time for a website refresh for Thompson Community Services, a long-time ideaLEVER client that specializes in helping the developmentally disabled.

After a thorough discovery process, Thompson Community Services decided that they needed a deeper look at their branding and identity, and commissioned ideaLEVER to assist them with this process.

The result was an updated position in the marketplace under the TCS banner, a new identity package, and a stunning new website that demonstrates their commitment to communities across BC. TCS is delighted with their new look and website. So are we.

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20 Years?

Time flies when you are having fun.

I started ideaLEVER in Kamloops back in 1995 when my daughter was a few months old.  The first few months were pretty lonely as I knocked on doors to tell businesses about how great the internet was and how everyone needed a web site. I was an early believer but I had no idea how ubiquitous it would become and how my daughter was part of a generation that would carry the internet in their back pockets and never open an encyclopedia. 

We are now one of the biggest web development companies in BC with incredibly talented staff in two offices.  We work with clients of all sizes across North America doing projects many other companies won't touch.  I am grateful for the trust our staff and our customers have put in ideaLEVER and I still enjoy the challenges every day.

From myself, Wilf, and the entire ideaLEVER team, thanks for being part of it with us.

Rob Stocks
President, ideaLEVER Solutions

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