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June Update.

School is out and the heat is on in BC.  Kids are looking forward to KISSM and everyone is looking forward to the 10th Anniversary of X Fest & Project X. At ideaLEVER the countdown has already started to Christmas now that there are less than 6 months left. 

Recent Launches

Fitness Town

Kwikwetlem First Nation

Fitness Town

Fitness Town, one of our great e-commerce clients, just made a significant upgrade to keep their site on the cutting edge. Their site is now fully mobile responsive (to take advantage of the continuing migration to mobile use), and has a powerful new product comparison tool to help their retail salespeople create more revenue in their 8 stores. Check out their site or give us a call and we’d be happy to show you the features.

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The Kwikwetlem First Nations is an urban band on the move. With a forward-looking mandate from their members, they are leveraging many key assets to demonstrate the effectiveness with which a modern band and council can serve their constituency. In parallel with their administrative and physical improvements, Kwikwetlem wanted a stunning website that represented this progress. We were able to help them develop this fully mobile responsive website with powerful tools that allows band and members to communicate effectively. Call us today and we can walk you through the process that led to this great new website.

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We do. 

An alarming study released by Verizon in April found that many web sites were left vulnerable by systems administrators not patching security holes that have been known for almost 8 years!  Being responsible for hundreds of sites and millions of dollars a month of eCommerce for our clients means we take security seriously.  You have likely received our monthly emails from Rick who comes in late on the last Sunday of every month to apply security patches to all of our servers.  We control the code and   infrastructure for SiteCM and CommerceCM tightly and don't let customers load random code to their sites that could put our other customers at risk.  While Phishing is still a risk, we will never email you asking you to send us your passwords or other details for your account.  When in doubt, call 1.888.374.0906 where you can talk to a human being.

 For more on the Verizon report, see our blog.


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