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What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is the marketing format that involves creating and sharing content to connect customers with your brand and with you. The content can be presented in many ways including web site updates, blog posts, photos, infographics, case studies, how to guides, reviews, videos, etc. It is unlike traditional marketing that usually interrupts what we are doing - ads on television, radio, newspapers, flyers, etc. as well as the new stream of invasive marketing like pop up ads, ads preceding video clips, and our favourite bad boy spam.

Content marketing engages your audience while they actively look to consume more information about products or services via reviews, articles, white papers, blog posts, and videos.

Here are a few suggestions to keep your Content Marketing effective and engaging.

Don’t Get Skimpy on Design

The content is the focal point but the quality of your design will keep them coming back. Don’t under estimate the power of a great looking design! High quality design leads your viewers to think of your site as a premium, authoritative site just like your high quality photos, illustrations and infographics.

Leave the Hard Sell Behind

Sales is the goal however content marketing uses a nuanced approach. Focus on educating your visitor in an entertaining manner. Deliver something of value to your visitor just for stopping by and reading your content. With content marketing there is no place for the hard sell.

Make it Easy to Share

Your content is great! Right? Don’t forget links to social media to make it easy for visitors to share with their friends, colleagues, and co-workers. When the reader finds that nugget of wisdom that speaks to them they will want to share it.

Multimedia Engages

Vary your content to include text, audio, video, and graphics to help make your content interesting. We humans take in information in many different ways. Don’t leave anyone behind. Determine what type of media appeals to your audience and focus on it. But don’t omit the rest.

Have a Great Story to Tell?

Make the most of your captive audience when they are on your site and toot your own horn. We all love to read success stories!

Set up a Strategy

It takes time to build your audience/customers. You are in this for the long haul. This is a marathon not a sprint. Set up a weekly, monthly, quarterly plan outlining who adds the what content and on what media.

Encourage Feedback

Ask your readers to post and/or send comments and feedback.

What makes your content different?

What is your unique selling proposition? What do you offer that others don’t or can’t?

Watch and Learn

Spend some time looking at what others in your industry are doing. How are local and those farther away using blogs, social media, newsletters, etc. to attract and engage their customers?

Don’t Leave Them Wanting More

The best time to engage your customers is when they are on your site reading your content. They are in the mood for more so let ‘em have it – lots of links to further content and don’t forget to subtly include links to where they can buy your products and services.

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